Privary Policy

At DOLLXES we are committed to respecting and protecting all user’s privacy rights. We use and disclosure the information we collect about you in accordance with this Privacy Policy only to process orders and provide a more personalized shopping experience. DOLLXES will with a high degree of diligence, prudence and obligation to treat this information. In addition to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, without obtaining your prior permission, DOLLXES will not disclose or provide your information to third parties. DOLLXES may amend these terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time. By accessing and/or using the DOLLXES website ("Site"), You indicate your acceptance of Terms of Use, and you are deemed to have agreed to the entire contents of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy belongs to an integral part of Terms of use.

Scope of application

a) Registration information, when you sign up for an account, provided upon request.
b) DOLLXEScollects the user's Internet Protocol Address (IP) which is a number that is automatically assigned to your PC everytime you browse the Internet. This information is used to ensure authenticity of communications and overall security of the site.
The following information is not applicable to the Privacy Policy:

a) Information that you publish on the DOLLXES, including but not limited to, participation, transaction information and details of the evaluation.

Information Use

a) DOLLXESdoes not provide, sell, rent, share or trade your personal information to any unrelated third party, unless first get your permission, or the third party with DOLLXEStogether to provide you service and after the service, which will be denied access to this information, including all of its previously able to access.
b) If you have a problem and you need to confirm your order, we will use the personal information you leave at DOLLXESto contact you.
c) We may use your information to better understand your needs and recommend the new products and services we believe you will be interested to know.

Information Disclosure

In the following cases, based on your personal wishes or the provisions of the laws, disclose all or part of your personal information:

a) With your prior consent, disclose to a third party.
b) We may disclose customer-related information to the relevant financial institutions on behalf of the customer to complete the payment and purchase orders.
c) If there is failure to pay or monies owed by an individual, we may disclose customer information to credit card companies or other financial institutions.
d) If required by law, DOLLXESwill provide to the relevant government agencies of your personal information.