S009 Doctor Recommended Pelvic Floor Exercises wights ben wa geisha balls kegel balls set for tightening

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Kegel Ben Wa Balls
Soft Silicone Surface + Stainless Steel Internal Weight
6 different of weights for tightening exercise


Kegal Ball Parameter
To meet the requirement of different vagina tighten therapy period , There are 6 different
weight of kegel balls per set,we can choose the right one for the needs.
Product Size: Φ28x161mm
Package Size: 111*100*100 mm
G.W./Set: 0.75Kg
Q.T.Y/Set: 6 pcs/set
Material: Soft Silicone+stainless
Certification: CE,ROHS
Warranty: 2 year


Safe Is Our First Point
We strict use medial level silicone, and never use second hand material.
The product surface is always soft to make it kindly to skin.
ISO 9001 + CE,RoHS