Body Brush for Wet or Dry Brushing Natural Bristles Exfoliating and Massaging for Lymphatic Drainage,Cellulite,Dry Skin Massager



BRUSH TO BEAUTY: No matter how much lotion you lather on, is your skin still dry and rough, stimulate your circulation and brush dead cells away to reveal soft smooth skin
BIGGER BRUSH, FEWER SWIPES: Quickly and easily brush before you shower with your body brush, the 4.25 in diameter has a sizable surface area that still fits right in your palm
EXFOLIATING MUSCLE MASSAGE: Scrub your way to serenity, Your body scrubber has rubber nodules that provide a peaceful massage for your muscles, soothing relief, and instant relaxation
NATURE-BASED BRISTLES: Most body exfoliator brushes have synthetic bristles that can cause damage and dryness, support supple skin with your dry brush featuring skin-loving boar bristles
LYMPHATIC-SYSTEM SUPPORT: Achieve optimal health inside and out, help cleanse away contaminants and support your body’s natural defenses with your exfoliating brush shown to boost lymphatic drainage

Instructions: Please make sure to break the brush in to your personal level of skin comfort:

1) Wet the brush and lather it with your favorite soap.
2) Use on your feet, elbows and knees until it is just the right consistency for dry brushing and/or exfoliating the rest of your body.